Technical Training Schedule

Technical training activities support your effort in contributing to your summer research project. The learning objectives of the program are for you to know or understand the following related to research:

  • Understand what qualifies as research in an academic environment.
  • Formulate a research question.
  • Gather references to put research in context. Use library resources.
  • Identify the contribution of a particular research project.
  • Provide supporting evidence of the contribution.
  • Communicate the research question and contribution in both written and oral form.

There are a variety of technical skills that will support your research efforts. The learning objectives of the program are for you to acquire knowledge related to the following methods:

  • Statistical methods relevant to proving results, to classification, and to machine learning.
  • Programming techniques for managing large datasets.
  • Applications designed specifically for data analysis including Weka and Matlab.
  • Basic data visualization techniques using Python, Matlab, and
  • Use of code repository, specifically Git and GitHub.
  • Use LaTex to record references and for writing papers.


Schedule for Technical Training: 

Please visit the Data Sciences page first for an overview of this material.

CIT refers to the data8 textbook Computational and Inferential Thinking:

Labs and Projects in html form can be found on Dr. Larson's Tutorial Site:


MON, 06-05

none Python, GitHub, LaTex data8 repos created, LaTex bibliography created
TUE, 06-06 CIT: up to Tables lab01, lab02, project1

Before Class: Research Worksheet 1

THU, 06-08 CIT: up to Randomness lab03, lab04, project1

Before Class: lab01, lab02

FRI, 06-09 CIT: up to Testing Hypotheses project1, LaTex

Before Class: lab03, lab04

End of Day: Project1, LaTex bibliography with references

TUE, 06-13 CIT: up to Prediction, lab05, lab06 Before Class: Poster Exercise (in public drive)
THU, 06-15 CIT: Prediction, lab07, project2 Before Class: lab05, lab06
FRI, 06-16   project2,

Before Class: lab07

End of Day: Project2

TUE, 06-20 CIT: Inference for Regression, Classification lab08, project3 Before Class: Research Worksheet 2 (in public drive)

THU, 06-22

CIT: Comparing Two Samples Weka, lab09, project3 Before Class: lab08
FRI, 06-23   project3 End of Day: Project3
TUE, 06-27 CIT: Updating Predictions lab10, Matlab Before Class: Research Worksheet 3
THU, 06-29   Matlab, Technical Writing Before Class: lab10
FRI, 06-30   LaTex  
FRI, 07-07   Communicating Science Workshop